About Yu Opera "Cheng Ying Rescuers The Orphan"






The renowned Chinese Henan Yu Opera No. 2 Troupe brings their stunning rendition of Cheng Ying Rescues the Orphan to the American stage. The story follows the life of Cheng Ying, an imperial physician who rescues a noble, orphan child and the tragic events surrounding both of their families and pasts. Filled with heart break, self-sacrifice and revenge, Cheng Ying Rescues the Orphan, has survived through the ages with numerous telling and re-imaginings. In 2013, this classic tale had been brought to life as a Yu Opera on the Broadway stage in New York's Studio 54 Theatre, as well as at beautiful Warner Grand Theatre in Los Angeles.  After traveled over 22 countries, played over 1200 times, this legendary opera will be on the Oscar Award Home theater—Dolby theater on Oct. 18, 2016.

Led by Li Shujian, a nationally ranked First-Level performing artist, Henan Yu Opera No.2 Troupe has won numerous national and international awards

As the Spring and Autumn Period descends on the State of Jin, trouble brews in Duke Jing's court. The treacherous General Tu Angu is intent on destroying his rival, the honorable Minister Zhao Dun. He manages to frame the Minister and orders that over 300 members of the Zhao family be put to death. Princess Zhuang Ji, pregnant with a Zhao child, manages to narrowly escape into the palace and safely deliver a son. Knowing that her child will be hunt down by Tu Angu, the Princess Zhuang Ji entrusts her newborn to imperial physician Cheng Ying. Angered that even one living descendent of Zhao has escaped him, General Tu swears to kill all newborns born at that time if the orphan of Zhao is not brought forth. Deeply worried, Cheng Ying consults Gongsun Chujiu, an old friend. Together they agree that this mindless slaughter must stop. Cheng Ying decides to have his own newborn son masquerade as the Zhao orphan. Gongsun Chujiu agrees to take Cheng Ying's child and pretends he was the one to smuggle the infant out of the palace. In this double act of self-sacrifice the orphan of Zhao and all newborns of the kingdom are spared. Because of this act, Cheng Ying wins the trust of General Tu Angu and takes the Zhao orphan to lodge at Tu's mansion. Cheng Ying swallows his pain and labors hard to bring up the orphan. After the orphan has grown into a young man, Cheng Ying decides that the time has come to reveal the tragic history of the Zhao family and the orphan's true heritage. After learning the truth, the orphan of Zhao kills General Tu Angu and is able to avenge his family.

Producer: Lynn Tang
Management by:
Maeya Culture Exchange Group, LLC
Supported by:
Henan #2 Opera Company
Henan Media Department

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